Welcome to the kieser website recruits!
thank you for joining kieser this is the home page where you will find all the news and this message .

What is kieser?
kieser is a clan killing squad kinda like the military the better you do and more you impress our leaders the better ranks you get and higher up you go the more power you have

what do you mean by power?
the higher your rank the more power you have and eventually you can have your own squads and if you get high enough with permission your own mini army!

divisoins in kieser?
kieser is very new we are working on divisions and i will update this as soon as we have them ready!

see you later recruits-finalxmagnusx34
21st Dec 2014 · finalxmagnusx34 · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

currently i am not at my gaming console but when i get back we wil have a halo 4 meet and if i get xbox one we will be hosting assassins creed unity games for anyone interested 

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